About us

The Göttinger Verlag der Kunst has published books in the fields of art, literature, photography and satire since 2014. In our online gallery we offer high quality prints (so-called FineArtPrints) by artists with different artistic genres.

As a publishing house, we are a versatile partner for publications in the field of art and also work together with museums, artists, scientists as well as cultural and scientific institutions. We accompany publications from their initial idea to conception, design, typesetting, reproduction and image processing, right through to publication. We do not force publications into an existing corporate design, but give each project its own individual look.

We focus on long-term and sustainable cooperation. Quality is our top priority. Our aspiration is to design reproductions as accurately as their originals and to create the best possible product in the end.

We also support our customers at exhibitions and other events by creating reproductions, display boards, banners, flyers and catalogues. In doing so, we also build on over 30 years of experience in the publishing industry as the reliable service provider SchwabScantechnik.