Egbert Krause-Wessel

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Portrait: Egbert Krause-Wessel

Born in Bad Harzburg in 1952. First attempts at oil painting by the age of 14.

Freelance artist since 1978; experiments with pastel, water colours, black lead and coal.

Since 1980 paintings with translucent oil technique on cardboard, silk, partly underlaid with beaten gold. Since 1989 plastic arts (soapstone) and etchings on beaten gold and beaten silver.

Since 2009 return to translucent oil technique on beaten gold and paper. Exhibitions in Paris, Kassel, Landshut, Aachen, Kiel, Essen, Freiburg, Munich, among others.

The artist on his work:
»I have always been fascinated by fantastic formations and unusual structures, appearances that show everything that exists essentially and ostensibly, paintings that stimulate the viewer’s imagination, bringing them into lively, vivid motion and thus making the hidden images ›behind the images‹ visible. I thrive to portray what’s hidden behind the superficial. It is necessary therefore that the viewer is unbiased and open – and committed. If the artist succeeds in inciting the viewer to a personal inner journey, this is a calm and very private moment that can never be experienced in the same way ever again. All my works are untitled because: things are more than their names.«

Original artwork by Egbert Krause-Wessel available:

A large number of the motifs we offer are still available as original artwork. A corresponding note can be found in the description of the respective motif. If you have any questions, please send us an e-mail via or simply click the button.