Dobocans Welt

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Quite some quiet rebellions: Through a room with a naked light bulb a cloud is floating like a herald from a light-hearted world. A table, carelessly put down, breaks the shackles of its former determination and merges with a steeply towering mountain range. And a pale white paper glider circles through a sky – blue like the summer – as a herald of an unprecedented freedom. The images of the Romanian artist Dorél Dobocan are full of surprises and wonders. Their lightness says is all, their relation to a torn biography characterized by political persecution and hard-fought artistic success is still perceivable at every turn. On the occasion of the 50th work anniversary and 70th birthday, “Dobocans Welt” provides an illustrative overview of an extraordinary life and work.

Dorél Dobocan:

Born 1951 in Temeschburg in Romania. After several escape attempts persecuted and arrested. 1978 ransomed by the German government. Relocation to Mainz. Breakthrough in 1985 with a solo exhibition at Sander in New York. Since then art projects worldwide. Lives in Mainz.

Jens Frederiksen:

Born 1955 in Neumünster/Schleswig-Holstein. First contact with Dobocan at a television debate in 1983. Longtime features editor of the “Allgemeine Zeitung” in Mainz. Wrote dozens of articles about Dobocan’s life and work over the years. Works in Mainz as a freelance publicist.

Dorél Dobocan

published: 2022

scope: 264 pages, German/English, colour throughout

size: 14,8 × 21 cm / 5.8 × 8.2 inch

hardcover, thread stichting

incl. poster

ISBN 978-3-945869-11-6