Lichtenberg reloaded! Eine Hommage

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The Göttingen philosopher, physicist and aphorist Georg Christoph Lichtenberg (1742-1799) is considered one of the most important driving forces of the Enlightenment and is praised as a co-founder of German-language satire. To this day, artists are inspired by Lichtenberg's humor, the precision of his formulations and his deep humanity. The exhibition brings together artistic statements from the recent past and supplements them with numerous works created exclusively for the project. Works from the famous Lichtenberg cycles by Horst Janssen, Rainer Ehrt and Robert Gernhardt are shown, as well as works by Joss Bachhofer, Franziska Becker, Ludwig Berndl, F.W. Bernstein, Siegfred Böttcher, Gerd Dengler, Miguel Fernandez, Gerhard Glück, Frank Hoppmann, Michael Holtschulte, Rudi Hurzlmeier, Jamiri, Dominik Joswig, Ernst Kahl, Jakob Kirchmayr, Frank Kunert, Dorthe Landschulz, Rita Lohr, Loriot, Nicolas Mahler, Ulrike Martens, Susannah Martin, Piero Masztalerz, Javier Mayoral, Til Mette, Arndt Möller, Jub Mönster, NICO, Oger, Oliver Ottitsch, Ari Plikat, POLO, Rattelschneck, Matthias Schwoerer, Hans Traxler, Marion Vina and Stefan Wasserbauer.

Edited by Gisela Vetter-Liebenow and designed by WP Fahrenberg

published: 2015

Scope: 176 pages, colour throughout

size: 23.5 × 31 cm / 9.2 x 12.2 inch

flap brochure, thread stitching

ISBN 978-3-945869-00-0