Liesel Metten. Metamorphosen

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Liesel Metten's sculptural fantasy creatures are well-known and popular in the Mainz region and far beyond. In public spaces, the artist has created works that can be walked on and played with, especially by children, which often also deal with the theme of weightlessness. "Metten's sculptures always remain completely independent creations with an unmistakable signature." (Prof. Dr W. Bunzel, Frankfurt)

The sculptor and draughtswoman was born in Recklinghausen in 1938. She studied sculpture in Munich under Heinrich Kirchner; her acquaintance with Henry Moore in 1960 was formative. Liesel Metten, who has been married to sculptor Johannes Metten since 1961, has received numerous national and international awards, such as the gold medal at the 5th Internationale de la Femme in Nice in 1970 and the Rhineland-Palatinate State Prize in 1975. She gave her name to the Liesel Metten School in Nieder-Olm, which specialises in motor development. In 2018, the cities of Mainz, Essenheim and Ingelheim are showing a five-part retrospective of her work. The book was produced in conjunction with an exhibition at the Goethe House in Frankfurt.

edited by Wolfgang Bunzel and Jens Frederiksen

published: 2018

scope: 64 pages, colour throughout

size: 24,3 × 27,5 cm / 9.6 × 10.8 inch

hardcover, tread stitching

ISBN 978-3-945869-07-9