Trunkene Flügel

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The book Trunkene Flügel (Drunken Wings) is small (in size), horizontal (in format), different (from a catalogue) and achieves a great effect: "You can take off, wander into the distance and bring about the open horizon with the thought of 'drunk wings'." This is how the cultural journalist Tina Fibiger described her visit to Hiltrud Esther Menz's exhibition of the same name at the Brunshausen Monastery Gallery in June 2021, which gave rise to this book.

Hiltrud Esther Menz

published: 2022
scope: 32 pages, colour throughout

size: 21 × 14,8 cm / 8.2 × 5.8 inch

flap brochure, stapled

ISBN 978-3-945869-12-3