Schreiben mit der Hand in der Zeit der Romantik

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Which typefaces were commonly used during the Romantic period? In his essay, Andreas Dietzel outlines the development of the German manuscript from the penmanship masters of the 16th century to the writing masters in the early 19th century. The focus is on the period around 1800, when the ongoing discussion about a clearly legible and quickly learned standardized script began.

Dr. Andreas Dietzel is practicing law since 1988 and was partner at the firm Clifford Chance from 1993 to 2017. He is particularly interested in cultural and historical topics, on which he has published smaller articles, starting 2016. He is deeply attached to the Freies Deutsches Hochstift, since 2003 also as a member of its administrative committee, of which he became chairman in 2022.

Dr. Konrad Heumann is head of the manuscript department at the Freies Deutsches Hochstift/Frankfurter-Goethe-Haus since 2009.

The exhibition will take place from August 3rd, 2023 to September 10th, 2023 in the Deutsches Romantik-Museum.

Andreas Dietzel

attachment by Konrad Heumann

published: 2023

number of pages: 64

size: 24 cm x 18 cm / 9.45 inch x 7.09 inch

flap brochure, thread stitching

ISBN 978-3-945869-17-8